Wednesday, August 13, 2014

请见证音乐瀑布明年华人新年前如何在股市开一番 续集3


卖了dgsb 增加到115%,
再卖econbhd, 赚21%,

115 x 21% = =  139%


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MCCube said...

as a person who are committed to spiritual teaching... it is not adviseable to list down those number that you have earned.... no meaning at all friend. it is just create your egoness, when this keep on expanding, it will only take you no where but it will take you far far away from your self being.
quote what Henry Ford said in the Osho's book page 179. he said: through all my successful life i have learned only one thing. i have learned climbing staircase, climbing ladders. And then when i reach the last rung of the ladder i feel so stupid and so embarrassed, because there is no longer anywhere to go.
I cannot tell the people who are behind me struggling hard to reach to the top of the same ladder, where i am feeling stupid. for what have i been struggling? no body will listen to me if i say to them.
Stop whenever you are. Don't waste time because there is nothing. Once you reach the top you are stuck.You cannot get down because that looks like falling back. you cannot go ahead because there is nowhere to go ahead"........ there is no ecstasy greater than to be your original face.