Monday, January 24, 2011

hingyap 股价何去何从?

Hingyap 在 17-1-2011 宣布 unconditional takeover RM1.50,
它在 9-2-2011 ex-diveden 每单位 10sen 需扣税 25%.

请把这pdf file download 详读。$File/hyg-takeover%20offer%20notice.pdf


3.1 Consideration for the Offer

The Offeror shall pay a cash consideration of RM1.50 per Offer Share to Holders who accept the Offer.

In the event the Offeree declares, makes or pays any dividend and/or other distribution on or after the date of this notice and the holder is entitled to retain such dividend and/or other distribution, the consideration for each offer share shall be reduced by the quantum of the net dividend and/or other distribution per offer share which such holders is entitled to retain. In relation to the above, Hing Yiap had on 29 Nov 2010 declared a final dividend of 10% less income tax for the financial year ended 30 June 2010, the entitlement date of which falls on 11 Feb 2011.


大意是说 如果 小股东领取股息(10sen) 后才卖给买主,

那麽小股东可以得到,RM1.50- 10sen(股息)= RM1.40(每一单位)。

想想看 当 offer 过期后(expire),这股价到底是

RM1.50 - RM1.80 之间?
RM1.40 – RM1.50 之?
RM1.40 以下?

上星期五闭市时是 RM1.56,
这 RM1.56 是谁出的价钱?
因为新大股东已发布文告说是要用 RM1.50 买余股。

那麽 RM1.56 是谁的价钱呢?

市场先生, 市场先生认为 hingyap 的价值是超过 1.50以上的。

当offer expired后,股价会起还是跌呢?
假设 offer expired 和 ex-dividend 10sen后, 它的股价调整在 RM1.40,
新的大老板手中握住 20,900,000 unit share of hingyap.
Hingyap 每跌 1分, 新老板 损失 RM 209K,



如果你对它没 充分 了解/信心,  最好别碰。

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